Active Listing Systems

November 17, 2009

Coming soon!

Guest instructor, Associate Leadership Council Member – George Belleville, led our Active Listings Systems class last week.  George is an expert at creating and implementing systematized processes to maximize efficiency and get results.  The class was extremely informative and a lot of fun . . . all of the systems will be uploaded and posted within one week, along with a course outline and more information.  Stay tuned . . .


Listing Systems

Powerful Pre-Listing Systems

October 27, 2009

Most Agents put their time and energy into a great Listing Presentation.  Most Agents show up prepared and ready to dazzle their potential new clients with glossy marketing, impressive statistics and an array of personal accomplishments.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing . . . but what if you could have them at “hello”?  That’s the power of a great Pre-Listing Package and well orchestrated Pre-Listing Systems.

You had me at 'Hello'

You had me at 'Hello'

What is a Pre-Listing Package?
A Pre-Listing Package, other than the obvious, is your chance to wow the potential Sellers with your market knowledge, marketing savvy, success statistics, sense of humor and technology skills.  It’s also your opportunity to prepare your future clients for the upcoming meeting – to begin guiding them through the process.  Studies reveal that Sellers are primarily concerned with three things1) Price   2) Timing  3) Hassle.  A great Pre-Listing Package will demonstrate that you can meet their needs in these areas.

In class, we did a little more math (see it HERE on the 2nd page) to remind ourselves of the benefits of Listing Mastery – having the complete package and getting every listing – fewer leads needed to reach your goals, or more income for your efforts!

Habits versus Systems

When you get that “we’re thinking about selling our house” phone call, what do you do from that point forward?  Is every step laid out, scripts at the ready for any situation, checklists waiting to be completed, packages ready to send?  Many of us have Habits, rather than Systems.  A Habit is defined as “an automatic pattern of behavior in reaction to a specific situation”; whereas a System is defined as “a procedure or process for obtaining an objective.”  It’s re-active versus pro-active . . . which one sounds more like your current operation?

The Importance of Scripts

My natural tendency to “wing it” fought the use of scripts for many years.  In a former sales career I was required to use, and tested on, a set of proven scripts.  I always considered myself pretty good on my feet, so I was floored when I saw the power of a good script after it was internalized and delivered naturally.  My limiting beliefs were lifted and I was able to consistently control the conversation and sales process, while keeping the customer engaged and meeting their needs.

The process starts with that first phone call; and a great script will set the agenda for all of your future interactions in a way that helps your customer see how they will benefit from the process and your expertise.  By gaining agreement and buy-in on this process, you have received permission to take control, without the customer feeling that they have lost control.  It’s a beautiful thing!  (a basic, but effective, script is found HERE on the 4th page)

Using Checklists and Questionnaires

Once you have agreement on the process, it’s time to gather the information you will need to communicate with the customers and prepare a meaningful Listing Presentation.  The 6th page of the package, mentioned twice above, contains a sample Questionnaire which can be used to gather necessary information over the phone.  This is also a form that your Administrative Assistant or Listing Coordinator could use, ensuring that they gather the details you will need later.  Whether you use this one, or create your own, you need to make sure you get the critical questions asked and the key information gathered.  You don’t want to have to call them back to say, “sorry, I forgot to ask you a few things” or have to prepare for the listing with incomplete information.

It’s All About ME!
Have you ever heard of “Product Dumping”?  That’s when a salesperson spews every single piece of information and feature about their product or service all over the client, without knowing (or caring) what the client’s needs are.  In a face to face sales call or presentation, this is probably the worst thing you could do.  The Listing Presentation is all about THEM!

So how do you share your unique selling proposition – you know . . . why they should work with you?  That’s where the Pre-Listing Package comes in!  This is your time to brag a little and let them know that a talented, capable Realtor will be showing up to make their real estate dreams come true.

So What’s In A Packet?

Do a Google search of Pre-Listing Packet and you will get dozens of examples from Realtors across the country.  We’ll talk about “look” in a minute – for now, let’s just talk “content.”  Let’s also recognize that by having anything . . . you’re already out-classing more than half of your competition!

You’ll see the same basics: About Me, About My Company, My Marketing Plan, and maybe some Market Statistics.  Here’s what else we found may go into a powerful Pre-List Packet:

  1. Service Providers – your “Team” of professionals (contractors, mortgage, title, etc)
  2. Testimonials – satisfied past clients and character references
  3. Niche Market Information – info specific to a certain group you specialize in
  4. Critical Path – preparing the customer for the process ahead
  5. Your Stats – your average DOM and sold versus list price results compared to the area’s average
  6. Team Bios – include information on anyone your customer may come in contact with during the transaction
  7. Local Information – show yourself to be the local expert by including area information

You’ve Got the Look

This Pre-Listing Packet is your chance to shine, to brag, and to impress.  The Packet gives your prospective client a chance to see your level of professionalism and how you might market their property.  Looking at many of the Pre-Listing Packets online, it seems that the Agent either forgot this fact, or should not be designing their own marketing material?  The Packets were often written like a book – tons of text crammed together and visually tough to digest.  Focus on the key points you want to make, make those points simple and easy to absorb, and remember – this is a marketing piece, not a novel.

I wish I had an example of a great Pre-List Packet to share with you . . . but I simply have not come across one that I feel is a shining example of excellence.  Team Dynamo, from Bosshardt Realty Services in Gainesville, Florida came the closest out of the dozens that I found online.  It’s clean and has good content – as an online document, it could be more visually appealing though with less of a “document” feel to it.  If you have one that rocks, PLEASE send it to me – I would love to see it!

What Makes It So Powerful?

The power of the Pre-Listing Packet comes from the “system” that it is part of.  The Pre-Listing Packet loses its punch if you still show up and simply sing your praises to the Sellers in hopes that they will choose you because you told them that you are great.  A great Pre-Listing Packet pre-sells you, so that you can show up and stay singularly focused on uncovering and meeting the Seller’s needs.  After seeing your high-quality marketing skills, reading about your past clients’ experiences and praise, learning of your in-depth knowledge of their local market and observing your level of professionalism . . . they’ll already want to work with you – you’ll have them at “hello!”  You can still lose the business at this point, especially in a competitive environment.  As the Realtor who demonstrates concern for their needs, asks great questions and uncovers true motivations – you will set yourself apart further from the competition and win every time.

As we wrap up the Pre-Listing Packet segment of GO F.A.R., we move into the Listing Presentation and a Seller’s Needs Analysis that will set the stage for a successful selling experience for your customer . . . and get you referrals by creating raving fans!