How’s Your Delivery??

If you’ve done one listing presentation or more than one hundred, you’ve probably flubbed at least one response to a question or an objection.  Sometimes our delivery during the ‘real thing’ isnt quite as smooth as we imagine it will be. 

How's Your Delivery?

How's Your Delivery?

Newer Agents often don’t know what they’re going to say, or what they’re going to hear from the Sellers. Experienced Agents frequently feel like they’ve done this enough times to just show up and do their thing.  Some have even looked at or written down scripts for the occasion.  Most times, the problem is that the Sellers don’t follow the script!

When the Sellers throw out a curveball, with an unexpected concern or a need to proceed in a different order, it’s easy to lose track of our information and stumble through an answer that we could normally handle with ease.

Practice Makes Perfect
 All this week in GO F.A.R. we have been practicing our scripts: phone scripts, presentation scripts, needs analysis scripts and objection handling scripts.  Some of these scripts can be found HERE.

Script practicing can be tedious and it’s easy to feel pretty good about having a handle on what to say when – so how do you know when you have truly mastered a script?  Why do you need to “master” a script, can’t you just have a good idea of what to say when?

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

 If you’ve ever played golf, you know that there is a huge difference between knowing ‘how to swing a club’ versus actually being able to swing it properly every time to make the ball go where you want it to go.

What you need to do is first learn the correct grip, stance and swing – then repeat it properly over and over until you have muscle memory that allows you to swing properly in all sorts of playing circumstances…tall grass, sand, on a hill, etc.

That’s how it works with scripts, too.  Learn the right things to say and then practice saying them until the words and meaning are completely internalized.  Then, when the customer changes things up on you, you can quickly either alter the script as needed or guide them back in the right direction through the use of scripts.

Practice is exactly that – a time to mess up, try different things and see how you do.  The listing presentation is the championship that you have worked for, and you want to be your best at that moment!

Next week we will finalize the Listing Presentation, including everything you need to have to get the listing.  On Thursday, we will address your Active Listing Systems – checklists, scripts and systems for managing your active listing inventory and keeping your Sellers engaged and ecstatic!

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  1. Marlene says:

    Thx 4 the reminder Dave. Gotta work on my scripts.

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