Your Million Dollar Lead Generating Strategy

If you opened a restaurant and hired the area’s best Chef, a world-class interior designer, experienced and friendly staff and designed a killer menu . . . but forgot to spread the word and get customers in the door . . . you would have the best restaurant that ever failed.  Unfortunately, this happens all of the time in business.  We focus on the “stuff” and forget that we need Customers.  Our 3rd Session begins a four-part mini-series on Lead Generation.  Ge the Powerpoint HERE.

No Customers  (photo from Flikr: sjpettersson)

No Customers (photo from Flikr: sjpettersson)

You Are A Lead Generator

Whatever your ‘profession’, if your income depends on successful completion of a transaction, and the transactions are not provided to you automatically, your real job is to be a Lead Generator.  There are dozens of method categories for lead generation, and most of them work when partnered properly with a person’s personality, skills and relationships.


The goal, over time, is to promote yourself from a Lead Generator to a Lead Receiver!  That’s where the systems come in.


Using Your Goals

In the last session, we created goals using the Action Plan Worksheet.  You should now know how many Buyer Appointments and how many Seller Appointments you need to have every week.  This is your lead generation goal for the week!  You have your Timeblocking set up with Lead Generation time allocated as 50% of your business time – now it’s time to fill in that blocked time mwith specific activities which will give you those appointments you need for the week and the weeks ahead.


KW Goal Entry and Tracking

If you are already affiliated with Keller Williams Realty, the you should log in to MY KW  and go to Coaching > Goal Entry and make sure your goals for the year have been entered (use the Action Plan Worksheet).  Once your goals have been entered, your actual results will be tracked and compared to your goals every month automatically!  All you have to do is check out the amazing reports and graphs created for you.


In the Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA), Gary Keller discusses the Two M’s of Lead Generation: Message and Method.  The questions to ask yourself are:

1) WHO is my intended audience?

2) WHAT do I have to offer them?

3) WHY should they respond to my message

4) HOW can I best reach them?


Once you have these questions answered, you need to design your Lead Generation time to make it happen.  Get specific on how each hour of your lead generation time will be spent.


Social Media as Lead Generation

Slide 8 of the class powerpoint shows a diagram of information flow using Social Media.  The red circle is your Network – this is the WHO.  The green circle is the WHAT and WHY, and the arrows are the HOW.  Your goal is to build a large, well-connected Network and then communicate with it consistently and effectively.  Today’s Social Media applications allow us to grow our Networks faster and bigger than ever before.  If you’ve been afraid to contact those old frinds or past customers . . . become facebook friends and reconnect!  Looking to boost your referral network with peers and business relationships?  LinkedIn and Active Rain can connect you quickly with a referral base!


Now it all comes down to content.  You have their ear, briefly – do you have something valuable to share?


Designing Your Content

Your content should be broken down into two strategies, which are taken directly from MREA: the 12 Direct and the 33 Touch.  The 12 Direct is simply a system of 12 touches, one per month, usually to people with whom you do not have a relationship (A.K.A. “Have Not Mets”).    The 33 Touch is a system of , yep. . . 33 touches,  which targets your database of friends, family, past customers and allies (A.K.A. “Sphere Of Influence” or “SOI”).  The GO FAR Lead Generation Implementation Plan worksheets provide a template to brainstorm and design each touch.  The last page of your plan is the implementation schedule.  Each touch should have an action plan associated with it, as well as a deadline to have it ready to go and a date to ‘pull the trigger’.


Coming Up . . .

Session Four will begin to uncover the best methods of Lead Generation and how to choose the right method for your own business.  We will create Social Media timeblocking schedules and learn how to track our effectiveness.


Fun Math That Might Shock You!

If you’re like me, the concept of “fun math” is shocking all by itself!  I crawled my way through Calculus in college, because it was required – but I’m sure that some part of Hell includes eternal problem solving with letters and weird symbols.  However, adding up commission dollars and profits never quite feels like ‘math’ to me!


We did a little exercise to better understand what Lead Generation could do for your business, and what opportunities we may be giving up if we don’t stick to our blocked Lead Generation time:

  • With a 40 hour workweek, 50% blocked for LG = 20 hours /week
  • 20 hours of LG/week  = 80 hours of LG/month
  • 80 hours LG = 40+ Leads/month
  • 40 Leads/month = 12+ Closings/month
  • $375,00 Avg Sales Price (in our area) x 12 =
  • $4,500,000 x 2.75% commission =
  • $123,750 GCI per month


Now check your ACTUAL current time spent Lead Generating, and compare it to your ACTUAL GCI per month.  What would life look like for you if you stepped it up a bit???


Could you find someone to handle all of these transactions and ONLY focus on Lead Generation???

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